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Drop That Ass

Anal is nothing new. But girls giving up their asses to hard and hung boys in their first ever anal movies is something slightly different from the norm. That’s what’s on offer here, and I was keen to get in and see exactly what all the fuss was about. The tour gave me a good idea, and my first impression of the members’ area was also a good one. It’s nicely set out, it looks good, and it leads to a decent amount of exclusive movies.

There are 150 videos here so far, and each one is all about great looking babes who have a fascination for anal. They may not have had this until quite recently, and the videos are all about the girls’ first time on camera. They may have made porn before as they all look like high-class porn babes, but they’ve not done anal on camera before, and that’s the theme of the site. What girl can resist the feel of a hard length in her ass? That’s the question posed and, so far, it looks like there are plenty of willing young things out there ready to give it a go.

You know what the deal is when you log in, so there are no long descriptions of the videos as the images speak for themselves. They tend not to have a storyline, except that there may be a little bit of an intro: a girl asleep, dreaming of having something hard to play with perhaps, a guy comes in – usually fit and studly – and the kissing starts. Before long the clothes are off, and the scene is up and running, so you don’t have to wait long before the hardcore action starts. The camera gets in close on her in her panties, and then tight into her pussy as she goes nude. There is also attention paid to her ass, of course, and the foreplay section covers everything from nipple play and cock sucking right through to the anal. Here is where things really heat up, and the scenes are filmed perfectly. You can see the mix of surprise and pleasure on the girls’ faces when she, or he, starts to relax her ass with a toy, or fingers. I’ll leave the actual anal pumping for you to check out for yourself, but you won’t be disappointed.


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