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"We recognise that legislation is critically important at this point because without proper legislation, which is really one of the handicaps in the social areas, we could not possibly move forward in terms of consequences for human traffickers," said the party’s deputy leader, Dr Sharon Gopaul McNicol , a clinical psychologist. She told a news conference that most of the human trafficking "takes place in small boats where people are drugged and shipped off to other countries, primarily those countries that people don’t speak English so there is little chance of the victims being able to get away without much difficulty."
Freedom House Country Report – Political Rights : 2 Civil Liberties : 2 Status : Free.
[accessed 28 June 2012]
Human trafficking in Trinidad: Children being sold for over 200,000.
Port Of Spain, 21 December 2008.
[accessed 1 January 2011]
The Guardian newspaper of Trinidad published a disturbing report in which it alleges that human traffickers are on the prowl, looking to lure children and women to sell them for big money. The report states that “children, because they live longer, are sold for over $200,000. Adults can fetch as much as $100,000. They are mostly used as sex slaves and sometimes for slave labour. “Sometimes, they are used to make pay-offs in the drug trade — a well placed source informed the Sunday Guardian.” The report stated that men owing drug lords are being lured into capturing humans, who will be sold for payment of their debts. A source, pleading for anonymity for fear of his life, said victims were drugged almost immediately after capture and their cellphones switched off.
A Sunday Guardian investigation revealed that the lucrative human trafficking ring is operating in the Cascade/St Ann’s area, between Sangre Grande and Tunapuna, Diego Martin and in South. Women have mysteriously disappeared from the Cascade area without a trace during the past year and “several straying young boys have vanished from the streets of San Fernando “.
The Department of Labor’s 2006 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor [PDF]
U.S. Dept of Labor Bureau of International Labor Affairs, 2007.
[accessed 1 January 2011]
INCIDENCE AND NATURE OF CHILD LABOR – Children in Trinidad and Tobago are reported to work in agriculture, scavenging, loading and stocking goods, gardening, car repair, car washing, construction , fishing, and begging. Children also work as handymen, shop assistants, cosmetologist assistants, domestic servants, and street vendors. These activities are usually reported as being part of family business. Children are also reported to be victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
CURRENT GOVERNMENT POLICIES AND PROGRAMS TO ELIMINATE THE WORST FORMS OF CHILD LABOR – In August 2006, the Ministry of Social Development published the Revised National Plan of Action for Children, which includes specific goals for combating commercial sexual exploitation of children and exploitive child labor. The National Steering Committee for the Prevention and Elimination of Child Labor, with the advice and support of the ILO, is participating in a project to withdraw and rehabilitate child laborers at two landfill sites in Trinidad and Tobago .
Human Rights Reports » 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.
U.S. Dept of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, February 25, 2009.
[accessed 1 January 2011]
TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS – The law does not specifically prohibit trafficking in persons, but perpetrators could be prosecuted under several related laws. Although media reports asserted that trafficking in persons was a growing problem, law enforcement officials stated that they had no reports of trafficking of nationals to, from, through , or within the country. They acknowledged occasional irregular migration by foreign women, often for purposes of prostitution, who were deported when discovered.
SECTION 6 WORKER RIGHTS – [c] Although the law does not specifically prohibit forced or compulsory labor, including by children, there were no reports that such practices occurred.
All material used herein reproduced under the fair use exception of 17 USC § 107 for noncommercial, nonprofit, and educational use. PLEASE RESPECT COPYRIGHTS OF COMPONENT ARTICLES.
Why Amsterdam’s Prostitution Laws are Still Failing to Protect or Empower Women.
“Pas Encore Mon Histoire” by Vincent Olinet from France is pictured in the Red Light District as part of the Amsterdam Light Festival in Amsterdam December 6, 2013 Reuters.
Amsterdam may be heralded as a hub for liberalism and social progression following its legalisation of prostitution in 1988 and consumption of marijuana.
However, after a significant number of brothels have been closed due to suspected criminal activity in the best known Red Light district of De Wallen in Amsterdam, alongside the nature of displaying women in windows like pieces of meat, it shows that the system has not worked.
The Normalisation of Exploitation.
I went to Amsterdam for the first time recently, at the ripe old age of 23.
I did all the things they tell you in the guidebooks – marvelled at the paintings in the Van Gogh Museum, climbed every leg-breaking step in Anne Frank’s House, had coffee without milk at least three times a day, and ate my weight in Gouda cheese.

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